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Ұлттық бірыңғай тестілеуге дайындық (ағылшын тілі)

614 реткөрсетілді

Ескерту: 1-20 сұрақтың бір ғана жауабы дұрыс. Жалпы 20 балл, 21-30 сұрақ үш жауапқа дейін дұрыс, жалпы 20 балл.

1. «above» предлогының антонимін табыңыз:

A) off
B) below
C) under
D) among
E) between

2. «Жолдас» сөзінің аудармасы:

A) true boy
B) brother
C) opponent
D) pal
E) body

3. Choose the correct answer:


A) one dollar fifty cents
B) one dollars and fifty cent
C) one dollars fifty cents
D) one dollar and fifty cents
E) dollars and fifty cents

4. Салыстырмалы шырайдағы сын есім:

A) importanter
B) difficulter
C) the worst
D) gooder
E) commoner

5. Choose the word with suffix:

A) reward
B) dictates
C) overcrowded
D) specify
E) resend

6. Сөйлемді дұрыс толық­тырыңыз:

How much homework ______ last evening?

A) did you have to do
B) were you had to do
C) did you must to do
D) were you have to do
E) did you had to do

7. Choose the correct sentence:

A) Much butter in the cake there is.
B) There were much butter in the cake.
C) Much butter there will be in the cake.
D) Much butter there was in the cake.
E) There was much butter in the cake.

8. Сөйлемді толықтырыңыз:

We …  ride a bike tomorrow.

A) are going 
B) going is
C) going to
D) ‘re going to
E) were going to

9. Cөйлемді толықтырыңыз:

_____ with your teacher!

A) Didn’t argue
B) Not to argue
C) Don’t argue
D) To argue
E) Not argue

10. Саналмайтын зат есім:

A) pen
B) anger
C) variant
D) tax
E) angel

11. Сөйлемді толықтырыңыз:

The food was … .

A) delicious
B) loud
C) big
D) high
E) hungry

12. Сөйлемге сәйкес сұраулы есімдікті табыңыз:

______ did you get here so fast? – One hour ago.

A) Who
B) How
C) When
D) Where
E) What

13. Қажетті есімдікті таңдаңыз:

The young woman … is wearing jeans is my girlfriend.

A) who
B) this
C) he
D) what
E) whom

14. Дұрыс нұсқасын таңдаңыз:

Don’t point … people!

A) of
B) into
C) on
D) with
E) at

15. Choose the correct sentence:

A) She uses to read poems when she was 14.
B) I uses to eat a lot of chocolate at the age of 14.
C) I am using to read poems at the age of 14.
D) She used to read poems at the age of 14.
E) He’s using to eat a lot of sweet at the age of 14.

16. Reported Speech:

A) She says she would watch TV next day.
B) She said she will watch TV next day.
C) She said she watch TV last night.
D) She said she watched TV last night.
E) She said she would watch TV the next day.

17. Дұрыс жауапты таңдаңыз:

British citizens living abroad may apply to be registered to vote for up to … after leaving Britain.

A) 10 years
B) 13 years
C) 5 years
D) 15 years
E) 25 years

18. Артикльді дұрыс қойыңыз:

I’ve two children: … boy and … girl. … girl is fifteen and … boy is thirteen. 

A) a/a/the/the
B) a/the/a/the
C) a/a/a/a
D) a/the/a/the
E) the/a/the/the

19. Complete the sentence:

She said that the mail _____ in time.

A) delivered
B) has delivered
C) will deliver
D) would deliver
E) delivers

20. Find the sentence with the same meaning:

It’s a pity you are so busy these days.

A) I wish you were so busy these days.
B) I wish you would be not so busy these days.
C) I wish you had been not so busy these days.
D) I wish you were not so busy these days.
E) I wish you were not so busy this days.

21. The plural nouns:

A) lice
B) snow
C) oxen
D) fly
E) mouse
F) axis
G) boxs
H) snake

22. The adverbs:

A) nicely
B) cloudy
C) rainy
D) perfect
E) lightly
F) slow
G) really
H) trustful

23. Appropriate words:

You can write with it.

A) toy
B) chalk
C) market
D) pencil
E) paper
F) towel
G) shirt
H) pen

24. The comparative adjectives:

A) most beautiful
B) nice
C) heavier
D) best
E) early
F) less
G) cleverest
H) further

25. The correct variant:

… people in the room.

A) There are a few
B) There are much
C) There aren’t many
D) Is there much
E) There are much
F) Are there any
G) There aren’t any
H) Are there many

26. The sequence of Tenses:

A) She said that she wanted to buy a car.
B) She said that she is going to do the test.
C) She said that she doesn’t have much free time.
D) He said that he has a new job.
E) She said that she didn’t have much free time.
F) She said that she can do the test.
G) She said that she wants to buy a car.
H) She said that she might do the test.

27. Verbs in the Passive Voice:

A) were writing
B) have become
C) has spread
D) is being repair
E) was being translated
F) is drinking
G) have been borrowed
H) will be drawn

28. There is/there are:

A) There is a white cloth on the table.
B) There is some toys in the box.
C) There is some teams at the stadium.
D) There isn’t cups in the cupboard.
E) There are a lot of leaves on the ground.
F) Are there lemonade in the glass?
G) There isn’t some rooms in the flat.
H) There isn’t any information on TV.

29. Choose in the adverbs:

A) destroy
B) monthly
C) usually
D) easy
E) happy
F) regularly
G) party
H) everything

30. The function of the Gerund:

Swimming is useful for health.

A) subject
B) attribute
C) object
D) the part of predicate
E) the adverbial modifier of time 
F) predicate
G) complex object
H) the adverbial modifier of place

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